Philosophy of Teaching

PIC philosophy of teaching

I have always had a strong desire to make a positive impact in individuals’ lives. As a child I found languages fascinating and as I have grown older this deep ingrain passion has not dulled. Teaching allows me to tap into a wealth of creative energy and innovative ideas in order to create an interactive classroom.

I have taught and developed curriculum for English language learners of varying levels for several years. I have focused on multiple teaching techniques to ensure all learners’ needs are addressed throughout the session. I have incorporated a range of methods to increase language retention. The communicative theory is the foundation of all of my lessons and I strive to engage each learner and appeal to their unique learning preferences. I have maintained an instructional approach which meets the needs of students and delivers a lesson with the appropriate level of scaffolding, modeling and language input. My goal is to help students achieve the classroom objective, enhance their critical thinking and problem solving skills as well as retain the target language.

 I am aware of the various aspects of a successful lesson and the importance of assessing students on a continual basis. I believe it is essential to identify and address different personalities and learning preferences in order to appeal to a wider range of learning styles.  Once these very subtle elements are identified,  the learners’ level of enthusiasm and engagement are very evident. I view teaching as a highly tedious process which requires intentional and detailed preparation, facilitation and an ability to merge creativity and a content based teaching approach.

W. O.

Language & Education Enthusiast

National Foreign Language Center| English Language Fellow U.S. Department of State