Here’s a little bit about me….

I have had a deep curiosity in languages and cultures from a very young age.  As I grew older, my curiosity has blossomed into an appreciation for the mutual interests that individuals from various backgrounds share. These interests developed into my passions, thus I have earned a B.A. in International Affairs and a M.A. in TESOL from the George Washington University and School for International Trainging respectively; in addition, I have completed my TESOL certificate from Georgetown University. Over the years, I have worked with researchers, academics and thought leaders on various topics pertaining to the well-being and advancement of marginalized communities. I am most passionate about promoting and ensuring quality education for women and girls, especially in lower socio-economic settings and post conflict regions. As an avid language and education enthusiast, I have continued to augment my language skills by studying Arabic, teaching ESOL and completing my master’s at the School for International Training. I believe that educational and technological advancements will contribute to innovative solutions for a broad range of societal and global issues.

I am currently serving on the Washington D.C. Regional Board for Indego Africa, an organization which partners with local women artisans in Rwanda and Ghana to provide leadership and educational training. I also write for Girls Globe, an online magazine which focuses on the rights, health and empowerment of women and girls throughout the global community. 

Wynter Oshiberu

Language and Education Enthusiast