Here’s a little bit about me….

I have had a deep curiosity in languages and cultures from a very young age, and as I grew older my curiosity has blossomed into an appreciation for the mutual interests that individuals from various backgrounds share. These interests developed into my passions, thus I have earned a B.A. in International Affairs, a M.A. in TESOL and a TEFL certificate. Over the years, I have worked with researchers, academics and thought leaders on various topics pertaining to the well-being and advancement of diverse learners. I believe that educational and technological advancements will contribute to innovative solutions for a broad range of societal and global issues.

For the past several years I have been working in the language field and have taught in the classroom, presented at conferences and interviewed for several publications. 

Second Language Acquisition
Digital Teaching
Oral and Written Assessment
Curriculum Development
Creative Writing


Language & Education Enthusiast

National Foreign Language Center| English Language Fellow U.S. Department of State