Once you asked me how I felt…

I said I already told you

Because they don’t change if anything moments come and they intensify

A song, a line in a movie, a picture something triggers a memory and it seems real as if it just happened

They just don’t go away. They’re always there lingering in the background. I’ve accepted it as a part of me. I’m just walking around with a piece of me missing except those rare moments when I’m not.  And for a couple hours I light up like fireworks and sing inaudible tunes. I can see every star in the sky and the sun and moon all at once. Time literally stops and nothing else matters but that moment. 10 am to 6 pm within a matter of minutes, time flashes by. No tv, no radio, no computer just words and the sound of silence (insects, people talking, cars passing by, branches hitting each other…crickets).


Author: W. O.

Current and Future Obsession ...... Women & Girls pursuing quality education, entrepreneurial and leadership opportunities -Lover of languages -English Education Enthusiast

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