Safe and Sound: Building Emotional Resilience in Refugee Girls

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The photos of Syrian families fleeing war to the safety of refugee camps in Jordan are gut wrenching, but their distress is only worsened by family separation, physical danger, trauma, overcrowding, and lack of information about family, food, and relocation. And, being a refugee girl creates a “double endangerment” due to age and gender, according to Goleen Samari, a fellow with the international education non-profit Humanity in Action.

In Syria, this health vulnerability all too often often takes the form of rape, child marriage, and sex work by girls who then experience deep and lasting emotional distress. In fact, 2015 statistics show that girls under 18 make up 25% of all Syrian refugee marriages in Jordan. While parents say they arrange young marriages to prevent rape in camps, these marriages bring their own psychological consequences and risk for abuse of child wives. Additional risk factors include lack minimal access to education and menstrual products, adding…

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A Letter to the 15-Year-Old Me

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As we celebrate women’s month in South Africa, I took a moment to reflect on of all the mistakes I made and the right things I did to prepare myself for womanhood.

I am a 26-year-old young woman, who doesn’t have it all together. But, I am glad I am working towards a goal. Looking back to when I was young, there are certain things I wish someone could have told me, lessons that I should have learned a lot earlier. Although I am happy with the life I am leading, I have made my own fair share of mistakes. I made enemies that could have become valuable friends, spent money that I should have saved and wasted time that could have been better used.

On the note, I decided to write a letter with advice to my 15-year-old self, with the hope that it will be useful to someone who…

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I’m Daring today

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Today I am going for it…again. I am deciding to follow my heart and pursue my passion, even if it leaves me temporarily broke and jobless. But the invigorating feeling of writing is so worth it. The thrill and challenge of pursuing a business endeavor is such a magical feeling. It’s like I rediscovered my long lost, deeply hidden joy. Almost afraid to fully embrace it because it seems as though it could slip out of my fingers at any moment. But I’m placing all my faith and all my hope in this. I’m daring today, i’m daring again.imag0543-effects.